Ace - New South Wales Motors (1924-19??)

1924 Ace - last known owner Bill Sanderson (A7CA)

Photo - The Austin Seven Source Book

The Ace is believed to be the first Austin Seven sports model bodied in Australia. It was produced by New South Wales Motors in 1924.

Features Included:

an all steel body on a timber (Ash) frame

a sporting style radiator cowl doubling as a fairing over the front axle assembly

a three hinge bonnet design with seventeen ventilation louvres on each side panel

forward hinged doors

rounded tail section

all steel wings with running boards continuing on to the rear guards

a one piece folding windscreen

a two bow, duck cover folding hood (complete with a hood bag to be used when the hood was folded)

instruments limited to a CAV three button switch, electric horn and a speedometer

electrics consisting of a CAV type 'DF' dynamo, a CAV type 'E' cutout and an ML magneto

a standard Austin Seven engine with a lengthened starter handle and a custom exhaust system ending in a trumpet shape.

Production numbers and other information on the Ace remains very limited...... I would appreciate any other information readers might have on the Ace.

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