Wasp - Melbourne Motor Body Company (1927-19??)

1927 Wasp - Last known owner Bill Anderson

Photo from The Austin Seven Source Book

The Wasp was produced by the Melbourne Motor Body Company Pty. Ltd. of 149 Little Lonsadale Street, Melbourne, Australia in 1927. Little history is known about the model and designs varied greatly during production.

General Features Include:

an all steel body on an Ash frame

a sporting style radiator cowl doubling as a fairing over the front axle assembly

a three hinge bonnet design with eighteen ventilation louvres on each side panel

single forward hinged door

side mounted fifth wheel assembly

rounded tail section

all steel sweeping front wings

all steel rear guards

a one piece folding windscreen

a two bow, duck cover folding hood

a standard Austin Seven engine with a lengthened starter handle and a custom exhaust system.

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