The Austin Seven Club of South Australia

45th Anniversary Rally (1953 - 1998)

45th Anniversary Rally

The Austin Seven Club of South Australia

The Austin Seven Club of South Australia celebrated its 45th Anniversary on the 24th and 25th of October, 1998. A dinner dance was held on Saturday the 24th of October, 1998 and a Rally at Wigley Reserve the following day. At the Rally entrants were judged by fellow entrants with trophies being presented in a number of classes. Anniversary wine glasses and port were available in keeping with the tradition of previous

Photographs from our Anniversary Rally.....

Vehicle Class Vehicle Description
Class A Austin Seven Vintage
Class B Austin Seven Post Vintage
Class C Austin Seven Sports
Class D Austin Seven Specials
Class E Austin Seven Unassembled – Most Optimistic
Class F Austin Seven Undergoing Restoration – Best Attempt so far
Class G Other Vintage Austin
Class H Other Post Vintage Austin
Class I Austin A30/A35
Class J Vintage Other Than Austin
Class K Post Vintage Other Than Austin
Class L Competition Cars
Class M Registered Cars Other Than Those Covered in Classes A to L
And the announcement of winners by Kevin Caire....

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