Austin Seven Power Motorcycles

Austin Seven Powered Motorcycles an Overview by Titch Allen

Source: The Association "Grey Magazine" 1998b

Brough's Solo Three-Wheeler (1931-1932)

Source: The Classic Motor Cycle February 1987

The Brough Superior

Source: The Association "Grey Magazine" 1972b (original article written by Barry Robinson)

"The Silver Streak"

Source: The Association "Grey Magazine" 1978a

"The Silver Streak"

Source: The Austin Magazine August 1938 Page 1119

Reprinted: The Association Magazine 1998B

The Brough Superior

Source: The "Motor Cycle" 11th May 1967

Article written by Bob Currie (supplied by Barry Lovelock)

With regards to the references about the New Zealand Brough Superior, Bob Simms has informed me of the following information......

 "Dear  Bruce , The  Brough  M/c  out here  is in the Sir  Len  Southward  museum a bit north of Wellington ( N Z )  Years ago we held  our Austin  VAR  AGM   there . Had always  understood  the Ulster  engine was  used I seem  to recall  we all stood around it  & had a look  & all agreed it looked like a bog standard  engine to us. Best Regards  Bob Simms"

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