From Bill Sheehan "The Lightshaft' Victoria, Australia - June 1974

as it appears in the "Austin Seven Companion" by the 750 Motor Club

Many people ask for details of correct colour schemes for the various models of the Austin 7. Let me say first that you paint your car the colour that you prefer, but naturally most people prefer to follow the original colours when making a choice.

When discussing original colours the issue is clouded somewhat in that the many body manufacturers of the day (particularly in the late twenties) produced body and trim schemes well away from the standard factory colours. Likewise in Australia we had some colour (particularly Bright Red) which didn't coincide with the English -produced Chummies. It might be opportune to mention here that there is virtually open licence on sports and van bodies, more so the latter.

Here is a selection for your guidance, the non-factory ones being indicated.

1923-5 Chummies - Black, Pole Blue, Royal Blue, Maroon

1924 factory sports - Kingfisher Blue.

1924-7 "Brooklands" Sports (Gordon England) - Polished aluminium.

1926-7 G. England "Cup" sports (fabric) - Scarlet, Royal Blue, Mottled silver and black, orange and green, nickel radiator.

April '26 G. England's fabric saloon - grey, red or dark blue, all under black.

October 26 factory saloon (metal) - primrose and black.

1926-30 Chummies - Black, Pale Blue, Oxford Blue, Red, Maroon, Dove Grey, Dark Green.

Sept. '27 (1928 models) G. England's fabric saloon & Cup sports - Orange, Dark blue, Maroon, Brown, green, with brown hide upholstery.

1930-31 "Ulster" sports - Cream body, green wings, black upholstery, hood and wheels or Black body, hood, wheels, red wings and upholstery or Red body, black upholstery, wings, hood.

1933-6 "Nippy" and "Speed" sports - Primrose, Torquoise Blue, Cherry Red, Black.

1933 etc. "Opal" roadster - Royal Blue, Dove Grey.

Ruby saloon - Royal Blue, Maroon, Westminster Green, Black, Torquoise, Blue, Dove Grey, Pueblo Brown Ruby fixed-head saloon - Royal Blue, Maroon, Black.

"Open Road" tourer - Royal Blue, Maroon, Auto Brown.

March '37 Pearl Cabriolet - Cherry Red, Royal Blue, Westminster Green, Ash Grey, Black.

Unless otherwise indicated, it is fairly safe to assume that the standard tourers, saloons and roadsters had black wings, running boards, dashboards and upholstery including hoods (where applicable). All pre-29 Chummies had black radiator-surrounds, later ones nickelled, then later again chromed. The non-vintage model Austins appear to have had the dashboards in the same colour as the body, with just the instrument panel itself in black. Many Rubies had wings same colour as body. Most Rubies I've seen have grille painted black, but I believe originally they were all silver as per the factory photos, brochures, handbooks etc. of the time. And one last point - Chummy headlights, either C.A.V., Lucas or Howse & Burley should be painted black to be as original. Remember, these points are only a guide, not an instruction but the same points have to be taken, into consideration by Concours Judges when judging cars for originality.

Pre 1928 Austin Seven Colours (Standard from the factory):

Maroon Garnet maroon 46%
Turkey red oxide 35%
Black 10%
White 9%
Auto Brown Black 44%
Yellow oxide 33%
Turkey red oxide 21%
White    2%
Primrose White 83%
Chrome yellow 17%
Black a trace
Royal Blue Prussian blue 95%
Black 3%
White 2%
Kingfisher Blue White 70%
Monastral green 18%
Monastral blue 7%
Black 5%
Grey Black 50%
White 37%
Yellow oxide 12%
Monastral green 1%
Black Black 100%


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