Austin Seven Brake Spring Tool

Installing brake springs without first removing the hub can to a very frustrating job on an Austin Seven. The following simple homemade brake spring tool, made from steel wire, can be extremely helpful in performing this task. Firstly, ensure the springs is in good condition and the “hooks” on each end of the spring are not deformed, are inline with each other (parallel) and fit the shoe correctly.


Brake Spring Tool

(Click on the yellow dots for a close-up view)

A short section of copper pipe can be used for the handle and the tip is bent and shaped to suit. 

Next, holding one end of the spring in a vice (held by the spring hook), bend the spring to open part of the coil as shown below.


With the spring bent, insert the hooked end of the tool as in the following photograph. Release the spring and remove it form the vice.

 You can now handle the spring using the tool. The spring can be easily fed behind the hub and hooked onto the shoe. The end attached to the tool can now be pulled and turned slightly to allow the free hook to be placed on the second shoe. It would be a good idea to wear a protective glove just in case the tool breaks or slips off the spring.

Photographs by Bruce White - 2002

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