Austin Seven Breakdown Spares and Tools List

Source: The Austin Sevens Clubs' Association Breakdown Register 1995

Breakdown Spares and Tools List


Insulation tape

Gaskets & Goo

Super Epoxy Resin

Length of Wire

Distributor or Mag

Coil. Gear Lever

Half Shaft


Sparking Plugs

Core Plugs

Sump plug & Others

Set of Keys (Woodruff)

Set of Bulbs


Wheel nut (on Spare)

Fan Belt

Dynamo & Brushes

Petrol Pump Repair Kit

Brake Cables I.F./I.B.

Conrod check size

Brake shoe spring

Valve Spring Valve 2

Hose & Clip

Spare Petrol Pipe or Connector

Various Studs. Bolts, Nuts, Splitpins.

Fibre Washers etc.

Piston (check size)

Tyre Valves

Crank Shaft

C/W Pinion

King Pin,

Oil, Water

1/2 Gallon Petrol

Change for phone


Screwdrivers (2)



Large Adjustable Spanner

Socket Set


Mole Grips

Plug Spanner

Set Spanners

Hub Puller

Fly Wheel Puller

Syringe for axle oil or Plastic

Container with Pipe

Grease Gun

Wire Brush

Emery Paper

Feeler Gauge


Junior Hacksaw

Knife. Blade. Scissors

Jet Wire

Foot pump

Tow rope

Valve Clamp

Piston Ring Clamps

Clean Rag


Small set Taps and Dies

3 sizes Whit. 3 sizes BSF

Puncture Outfit

Tyre levers

Wiper Blade

Length H/T Lead

Set of Points

The source for the above list is The Austin Sevens Clubs' Association Breakdown Register 1995. The only thing I would add is that most drivers now should carry a mobile phone with a list of emergency telephone numbers.......

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