The Datsun

Datsun - Japan

The Datsun was never produced under license in Japan. It is believed that the Austin Seven was studied closely prior to the early Datsun prototype being produced in 1932. The single seater car produced was shorter and narrower then the British Seven and featured a 495c.c. motor. These specifications were largely designed around the motor tax regulations in Japan during the early 1930’s. In 1933, these regulations were changed and the engine size was increased to 750c.c. Models that followed were closer to the original British Austin Seven design but Austin appeared to not be concerned about possible copyright infringements. Bodies were mainly produced by two companies in Japan the Shibaura Denki Kogyou Company and the Wakita Bodies Company. The car was manufactured until the war with production resuming in 1947 and continuing into the mid 1950’s.

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