The First Austin Seven Sports Model (1923)

The first Austin Seven Sports model 1923 - 1924

It is believed that roughly 300 '50 MPH Sports' were produced until production ended in 1926. Gordon England also produced versions of these models. They became known as the Brooklands Sports and Brooklands Super Sports.

The 'E Super Sports' model was produced during 1927 and 1928. It is believed that only 5 were produced, one (the prototype ?) was sent to Australia in 1927 for use by Col. Waite in his racing efforts.

Approximately 300 'EA Sports' and 'Super Sports' were manufactured from 1929 to 1931. This model was also refereed to as the 'Ulster' (so named after the Ulster TT races).

The Sports 65 (or 'EB' Sports 65) started production in June 1933. They featured aluminium bodies, about 400 were manufactured. The steel bodied 'AEB' model, known as the Nippy was produced in 1934 with a total production of over 800. The Sports 75 (also known as the 'EK' Sports 75) was also manufactured in 1934 followed by the 'AEK' or Speedy, produced from August 1934 to August 1935.

Other models, the Le Mans and Grasshopper were "developed" versions of the Speedy built for trails work.

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