Hints for using the "Comment" Window

You may find that composing an article in the “Comments” window of this forum annoys you!

 This can result from two main concerns:

 1 – You don’t want to waste time composing because it’s costing you money as it may take you some time online to compose a message.  This is the case for many modem users that pay by the hour from their Internet Service Providers.

 2 – You would like to be able to use normal word processing tools like a spell checker!

 If this is the case have you considered……..

Compose your comments in your favourite word processor (just as plain text – don’t use text formatting like italics, bold, underline etc). This can be done without being connected to the internet, so you can take as much time as desired.

Within your word processor, block (or “select all”) the text you have written and then select “copy” (under the edit menu in most modern word processors)

Now connect to the internet and go to the "Austin Seven Motoring Page" forum and fill-in the “Subject” window (if it’s a new posting – if replying to a posting, the “Subject” window will be filled in for you)

Now fill-in the “From” window

Now position your mouse cursor in the “Comments” window box and single click the left mouse button.

Now simply use the “Ctrl-V” keys (that’s hold the “Ctrl” key down and then hit the “V” key at the same time) to paste the text you previously composed in your word processor into the “Comments” window of the forum.

That’s it!

Give it a try; it might make things easier in the long term…. and don't worry about making a mistake - I will edit out any problems at this end! You may also find it helpful to print this page so you can follow these instructions later.

You can now use your browsers back arrow (or button) to go back to the forum posting page to continue.

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