1928 Chummy - Owner Ian Jones

Ian Jones and his 1928 Austin Seven Chummy – "Little Bugs"

Photo Bruce White – 1997

This remarkable car and equally remarkable owner have probably travelled more miles then any other Seven in Australia. Ian brought the Chummy from a Mr. Williams of Clearview, South Australia in 1963. The car was then stored for three years and then encouraged into life again. According to Ian the car is maintained under the "Crisis Management" system. Over the last thirty years the car has slowly gotten a little "better" and much faster. The 1928 Austin is mainly used for trips of 300 miles or more! Some of Ian’s trips include:

1974 – Adelaide to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs and return covering some 2,500 miles and taking 21 days.

1992 – Adelaide to Canberra and return covering 1,800 miles and taking 14 days.

1995 - Adelaide to Tasmania and return covering 2,500 miles and taking 18 days.

1997 – Adelaide to Broken Hill to Wilcannia to Louth to Burke (via the Darling River Road) to Cunnamulla to St George to Toowoomba to Maroochydore and return. This trip taking 18 days and covering 3,500 miles.

Including other trips the car has travelled 48,000 miles. The Chummy cruises between 35 to 55 m.p.h. and Ian says he generally cruises at 40-45 mph on long trips.

The car is modified as follows:

1936 three bearing engine, mounted 1 � inches forward on the 1928 chassis. The fan assembly has been moved back to accommodate this modification.

4 speed close ratio gearbox

Yamaha motorcycle headlight inserts for better night driving

Late tail shaft

Laminated windscreen

Tasmania tour 1998

Future plans and trips:

Continuation of the "Crisis Management" system

Adelaide to Birdsville in 24 hours

Holiday trip to Cook Town, Far North Queensland

And anywhere else life may allow Cheryl and Ian Jones (and their dog) to travel.

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