1931 Chummy - owner the late John Heuzenroeder

1931 Austin Seven Chummy – owner John Heuzenroeder

Photo Bruce White Austin Seven Club of South Australia

This short wheel based 1931 model was built by Holdens in South Australia. Holdens was the largest manufacturer of Sevens in Australia producing many different models from the mid 1920’s and continuing through to the big Seven in the later 1930’s.

1926 Austin Seven Roadster (front view)

Was owned by John Heuzenroeder - sold to Victoria January 2002

This is a good example of a 1926 Australian bodied Austin Seven Roadster sold by Larke Hoskins. Larke Hoskins of 177-185 William Street, Sydney was one of the larger Australian suppliers of Austin Sevens and sold many different body designs produced by a number of different local coachbuilders. Want more 1926 Austin Seven Roadster photos ?

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