Meteor - Jack Lonzar, Adelaide (1930-193?)

A lovely example of the Lonzar Meteor - 1930

Former Owner Bryant Lawson (Far North Queensland, Australia)

Sold in 2001

Engine Number M102497 – Production Number 3

(more photographs are available - five jpg images 20 to 36k in size)

The Lonzar Meteor is another version of the Meteor body design built in Australian during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. The Lonzar Meteor was manufactured by Jack Lonzar of Adelaide, South Australia in 1930. It is unsure how many years the Lonzar Meteor was produced but three variations on the design appear to have been manufactured.

Features included:

an all steel body on a timber frame with front and rear guards gently sweeping at the rear

a standard Austin Seven rolling chassis and motor, apart from a wedged steering box (to lower the steering box angle) and a lengthened steering column

3.50 x 19 inch wheels, with the spare side mounted

a split two piece windscreen design

four panel hinged bonnet design with eighteen louvres on the two side panels

16 inch by 13 � inch radiator enclosed by a cowl - typical to other Meteor designs covering the front axle assembly and having a removable handle for the starter

a modified 1929 Austin Seven dash panel complete with a Lucas SM5 switch assembly, ignition switch and standard oil indicator button

a Lucas ‘DEL’ dynamo was used with a corresponding Lucas ‘CF1’ cut-out

Lucas ‘R47’ headlamps were mounted on the large triangular front guard supports, a standard single tail lamp was mounted above the number plate assembly

all bright work was Nickel plated

storage space in the large rounded tail section was accessed by folding the seat backs forward

Max speed 50 mph (80 km/h)

Fuel consumption 45 m.p.g. (6L per 100km)

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