Austin Seven Meteor - 1928 Model - Melbourne Bodied

These photographs have been supplied courtesy of the Austin Seven Club in Melbourne Australia. They are the most complete and original photographs I have seen of this Australian sports model. The Meteor was produced in three states of Australia by a number of coach builders. The Melbourne models  featured no doors and all steel body panels on an ash frame. It is interesting to note the top bonnet louvres (if one looks close you can see them near the rear of the bonnet), these were only used on the very early models as rain would enter via these louvres and soak the canvas cover below. The hood design is also interesting, how would the driver or passenger ever get into the car? One assumes the hood was put up after you were seated. The positioning of the guards and the small front mud flap can also be clearly seen from these photographs. I will try and add details of the cars history in the future.

Photographs Supplied by the Austin Seven Club in Melbourne Australia

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