Overhead Valve Conversion - William (Bill) Conoulty - Sydney, NSW, Australia

This conversion mounted on top of the existing cylinder block in place of the original head. Extra studs were added between the cylinder block and the crankcase housing. The cross flow head design featured much larger ports then the original side valve design. This motor was successfully used for 2 years in Bill Conoulty's Australian bodied Austin Seven Comet Special. The design was patented by Bill in 1934 but It is believed that this was the only working prototype. For a number of reasons, the conversion was never produced commercially. The patent application, patent letter, patent description (pages one and two), patent description (pages three and four), patent description (pages five and six), patent figure one, patent figure two, patent figure three and patent figure four are all available on this site. (some of these images are greater then 100k in size and may be slow to load - but they are interesting to look at!)

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