The French Rosengart


Lucien Rosengart secured in 1928 the rights to manufacture under license the Austin Seven in France. Rosengart was a self made businessman running a factory producing nuts, bolts and other car components. He had a great deal of experience in the motor industry with Citro´┐Żn and Peugeot prior to 1928 and viewed the Austin as a means of extending his company into motor car production. He established a factory at Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris and with the help of designer Jules Salomon soon produced the first LR1 model. The model featured metric threads, a magneto by Ducellier, a Solex carburettor and a locally made starter and dynamo. The LR1 was available as a three seater model (two front and one rear crosswise) or as a van. The LR2 appeared in 1929 with more of a French design influence and the LR4 introduced in 1931 saw even more of a departure from the British Austin Seven. The model list went on with further departures from the original Seven, the LR44 followed in 1932, the LR47 in 1933 and the LR45 (and LR49) in 1934. Royalties to Austin ended with the introduction of the LR4 N2 in 1936. A further nine Rosengart models appeared before Lucien Rosengart retired in 1953.

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