Austin Seven Spark Plug Guide - by David Armstrong

Austin Seven Spark Plug Guide

Thanks to David Armstrong

Head Type

Original Spark Plug Type Fitted

Current Substitutes Used 
Standard Austin Head 1923 – 36       KLG M50, Champion No7(18mm) NGK A6, Champion B16
Standard Austin Head 1937 – 39      KLG F50, Champion L10, NGK B7(14mm) Champion N86Y
Ulster   KLG J1
Supercharged Ulster KLG 244
Nippy   KLG K1
Finned Cambridge Champion L92Y
Supaloy KLG F70
Speedex  Champion N8, NGK B7ES
Dante Wipac P40L
Reliant Champion L10 Champion N86Y

 This guide has been prepared by David Armstrong and lists the various spark plugs originally fitted to a number of common Austin Seven heads. David points out that some of the plug numbers are old obsolete ones which could be cross referenced to modern ones. Some discussion on using current spark plug types has taken place in the discussion forum on this site over the years - just use the 'Search' feature on the site and look for spark plugs....... I believe the NGK A6 is very commonly used as a modern replacement.

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