Austin Seven Speedometer Summary Sheet

Thanks to Ron Burchett

Following is the speedometer data was given to Ron Burchett by an instrument repair shop in Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia in the 1960's and may be of some interest to Austineers around the World. If anyone has any further information please contact and I would be happy to add the information.


Speedometer Summary Information

By Ron Burchett


Face Colour



Revolutions per mile

Smith's CA, and A

Silver Face

Belt-drive off tailshaft Angle drive to back

Graduated 5 to 60mph, 25mph at 12o'clock

3360 revs/mile

No details

Silver Face


Graduated 10 to 70mph 


Smith's MA

Black Face

Gearbox-drive Graduated 4 to 77mph, 40mph at 12o'clock  

Smith's PA

Black Face

Gearbox drive to bottom drive.

Graduated 5 to 60mph, 35mph at 12 o'clock

2240 revs/mile

Smith's PN

 Black Face


Graduated 5 to 60mph, 30mph at 12o'clock

Has same ratio as above

Smith's (Ruby type 2" diameter)

Black Face



1040 revs/mile

Smith's (disc type) Black Face and Wheel Gearbox-drive Graduated 0 to 85mph  

Artwork for speedometer faces is provided on this site covering some of the above models.

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