Austin Seven Sports 65 (1933)

The Austin Seven Sports 65 first produced in 1933 became known as the Nippy in 1934.

The first Sports 65 (or ‘EB type 65’) was produced in July 1933. These featured aluminium bodies and approximately 400 were manufactured before the model was replaced by the steel bodied Nippy (or ‘AEB Nippy’) in July 1934. A further 800 Nippy’s were produced (some featuring pressure fed crankshafts). The Nippy stopped production in 1937. Another factory sports model the Sports 75 (or ‘EK type 75’) was manufactured in April 1934 followed by the Speedy (or ‘AEK Speedy’) in August 1934. A further development of the Speedy was known as the Le Mans, rated at 27 b.h.p. This was further developed and supercharged to become the Grasshopper used in trials competition. The Grasshopper developed 47 b.h.p. and only 12 were believed to be produced.

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