Austin Seven Steering Arm Modifications - Australian TQ Style

Photographs by Bruce White - 2002

This Australian designed TQ racer of the 1950 uses some Austin Seven components. The most noticeable are the axle, front spring, stub axles and the steering box (look under the steering wheel in the third photograph above). It is interesting to note the fabricated steering arm (see first photograph) used to replace the weaker Austin Seven steering arm. I guess our current concerns are simple revisiting this issue 50 years later!

For those visiting or living in Adelaide, the above car is part of fantastic display at a museum located in the Adelaide hills. The Motor Cycle and Heritage Museum is located at Building 21, Number 1 Lenswood Road, Lobethal. The museum features one of the best ranges of Motorcycles I have seen. Australians will appreciated the Tibrook and Acme models on display. Three versions of the Tibrook are on display, a road tourer, a racer and one modified for use in the 'Globe of Death'.

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