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I am planning a change of hobbies this year and will be leaving the world of Austin Sevens.

I am interested in hearing from anyone interested in taking over this website and/or interested in acquiring my Comet, Meteor replica and numerous spares and books. Yes, I know NO buy and Sells! But the website is free (not the cars and bits!). The website has been a fantastic interest over the past 5 plus years and I have met many interesting people around the world via this connection. The Comet has been my main interest and has won many awards over the past few years. The car has recently been featured in the magazine Automobile Quarterly (see their website at: http://www.autoquarterly.com for a brief version of the multi page article). Other details are on this site.

I am in no hurry to move on to my next challenge in life but would like this history to be kept together and go to a keen Austineer that will continue the website’s historical development. If possible, it would to nice to keep the website and the cars together. The great use of the "discussion forum" over the years has also been a focus for many. For those that might be interested the website is currently maintained using Microsoft FrontPage XP.

Please email me Bruce@brucewhite.net for more information.


The Austin Seven Motoring Pages