From: Greg Stevens    stevegc@gil.com.au
Date: 6/08/00
Time: 20:42:43
Remote Name:


Can we please create some discussion on halfshafts. We all have had guys rebuild them, remachine & refit them. This has proven both successful & not so!

Bruce, you made mention to me of a guy down there, with great experience on welding axles for racecars. After cutting of 6 inches or so, it sounds practicle to refit another machined end. We are now getting to a stage that where we are running out of reasonable used ones!

I have chased down an "GEAR MAKER", willing to make some from scratch. This may be the way to go! After two failures, I consider that welding the gear on the shaft is not satisfactory, I have had no indication that this pratice has ceased. If it has I may look at having another go at these axles again! I would like a reliable referee on this.

Maybe someone overseas has some thought on this one, if they are as short on supply as we are, they may have some input.

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