Milano bodied Big Seven

From: Greg Stevens
Date: 20/08/00
Time: 21:18:19
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For those interested in the Milano bodied Big Seven I finished earlier this year, Christine and I have just returned from the Historic Sprint Meeting. This is an annual meeting held around the houses of Leyburn, a small country town in South East Queensland, in Australia. 197 entries, about 5000 spectators!

Because the body was made in 1959, (or thereabouts), I was placed in with "pre 1960 0/1300 cc sports cars. I competed with a Morgan 4+4, and a Sprite, driven by two different drivers. (Four entries)

After 6 events over the 1000 metre track, three 90 degree bends and three chicanes, I finished third, only being beaten by the Sprite, by both drivers. BUT the 1959 Sprite was just .61 of a second faster!

Not bad for a 1938 900cc side valve doing 6000 rpm! 90 k's in third gear!

Lots of fun, and bound to get better, as I learn to drive it better?


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