More water problems

From: ron .
Date: 5/09/00
Time: 13:58:26
Remote Name:


On stripping the head after the last episode ( "water in the sump" 8 Aug 00) I found that water had got into N0 1 cylinder probably due to a stripped long stud at the side of the two hole water outlet. I removed the dodgy studs and fitted Recoils to the holes, and then replaced the studs with new ones bedded in Loctite Thread Seal. After reassembly I filled the radiator and about 5 minutes later water began to trickle from the air cleaner

!! There is probably enough head of water in the radiator to drive water out from No1 cylinder through an open inlet valve, into the manifold and out through the carb. However the flow seems greater than what could possibly leak across the faces of the head gasket. Is it possible when drilling the stud holes, to break through from the water jacket to the gas spaces??? Any suggestions

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