Re: Help needed on DK4 distributor

From: Bruce White -
Date: 2/10/00
Time: 22:47:25
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Thanks to everyone - I will write a page on this after the Bay to Birdwood run here..... I now have lots to work from. I will start with: 500 - 0 degrees 2000 - 6 to 9 degrees 2400 - 12 to 15 degrees 3000 - 14 to 17 degrees

All of these figures are "real degrees" and should be divided by 2 if you are checking the max advance using a protractor on the dissy. The 8 degree mark stamped on the DK4A seems to be distributor measurement and therefore really is 16 degrees. But I will check all this out. Many of the old DK4's I have checked are giving FAR TO MUCH max advance - some up to 40 degrees! This sort of advance is not very healthy for old crankshafts.

Thanks again to all that have contacted me. What a great knowledge base!



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