Re: Austin Seven Trailer

Date: 9/10/00
Time: 22:18:25
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Phil, I converted an old 14' B&B caravan chassis to an A7 trailer some years ago. It needed shortening by 4' and widening by 6" but choosing a wider chassis would have made this step redundant. I made an angle iron frame that sits on-top of the chassis and braces it with a couple of wheel runs. Two ramps were made from an angle iron frame. Brakes, wheel bearings and hitch were overhauled at a fraction of the cost of new "Indespension" components. The completed article weighs about 250Kg and tows well with all Sevens up to and including a Ruby. However this is probably the limiting factor; I worked out that a Ruby would be right on the limit for the suspension and so it is with the coil springs nearly fully compressed. The great thing is that it's only 10' long and 6'6" wide so fits behind a modern beautifully. Total cost? About 300, including new tyres and 75 for the chassis from the scrappie.


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