Meteor – Flood Pty. Ltd. (1928-1931)

The beautiful 'James Flood' Meteor of David Grear - Adelaide, South Australia

The polished aluminium bonnet is not original - Original Meteors featured all steel bodies

(photo's Bruce White - South Australian Austin Seven Club)

The Austin Seven ‘Meteor’ was manufactured by several Australian coachbuilders from 1928 to 1931. This example was produced by James Flood – Flood Pty. Ltd. of St Kilda Road, Melbourne. During the period of production, the design was varied greatly. Some models featured a single forward opening door and others such as the model shown above of David Grear had no doors. Exhaust systems also varied with some models using the Brooklands style exhaust ending in a fishtail.

General features included:

a cowled radiator extending downwards to cover the front axle assembly

a high scuttle and bonnet line with a fixed split vee shaped windscreen

a side mounted (left side) spare wheel

rolled rear guards sweeping back at the rear

rolled rear guards sweeping slightly from the front

19 inch wheels

large triangular lamp/front guard supports

a removable starter handle (apart from some early models)

a racked steer column

chassis and mechanical parts - basically standard Austin Seven components with some variations depending upon the car being produced.

Other Flood Meteor photos:

1929 Model Meteor

(photo from The Austin Seven Source Book by Bryan Purves)

1931 Model Meteor

(photo from The Automobile)

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