How do I remove the rear spring bolts on an Australian bodied Sports Model?

Many Australian bodied Sevens are constructed on two flat timber planks (or slabs). These are in the order of 2" by 8" and are shaped to suit the outside profile of the cars body. This can cause a problem if one needs to remove the rear springs. The main bolt holding the rear springs in place needs to be removed (upwards) in order to remove the springs. It seems an oversight that these bodies were fitted without access holes for this purpose. Upon closer inspection of my Seven, I found that one could simply use a hole saw (1 1/8") and remove a core that allows for the removal of the bolt.

Drilling a 1 1/8" access hole

The removed bolt that secures the rear spring assembly

Care must be taken in measuring the correct position to drill the hole. In addition, extra care must be taken NOT to drill into the chassis rail below!

Photographs thanks to Rod Wells - 2003

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