About this Archive

Welcome to the archive site of The Austin Seven Motoring pages.

I have re-hosted my original website in this archival form for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this website is a memorial to the late John Heuzenroeder who lived nearby us in Adelaide, South Australia.  We remember fondly the days when he would drive his Austin Seven over to see us and then he would proudly detail the features of his Austin.  His enthusiasm and knowledge was the driving force which inspired me to establish this site.  John supplied me with a never ending list of reference material and ideas.

Secondly, some of the valuable information contributed by many during the period of 1997 to 2003 (in it's full form) seemed to be lost in cyberspace. I believe the old "Austin Seven Motoring Pages" contained useful information to both Austin Seven enthusiasts and the general public.

Thirdly, I would like to thank the many others that helped prepare and validate the information that I put together here.  I would single out Ron Burchett of the Austin Seven Club, South Australia and Bill Sheehan from the Austin Seven Club in Victoria, Australia for their valuable time and amazing knowledge of Austin Sevens.

*In re-hosting this site I have updated some of the HTML code to allow The Austin Seven Motoring Pages to be viewed on Smartphone and Tablet technologies


Many of the links and contact details shown on this site will be outdated - I have decided to leave then as last edited in early 2003 as a reference point in history.

Feel free to link to this site (or pages on this site)......

If anyone would like to request that material be removed from this archive please email me directly [email protected]


Bruce White