Austin Seven Water Pump Addition

Water Pump 2.jpg (25085 bytes)

Small electric water pump - view from printed circuit motor side

Water Pump.jpg (24149 bytes)

Small electric water pump - view from pump side

Photographs by Bruce White

This small electric water pump measures 110mm x 65mm (without flanges). It delivers 40 lpm (+ or - 5 lpm) at 6 volts and easily fits into the bottom water hose of an Austin Seven. The flange size accommodates a 32mm ID radiator hose. The pump is very efficient and draws less then 2 amps at 6 volts. The life of the printed circuit motor is 2000 hrs @ 12 volts or 4000 hrs @ 6 volts. The pump was easy to install and took about 3 hrs. The pump is manufactured by Davies Craig in Australia - details are available at their website - The water pump does not affect the normal thermal siphon flow and can simply be turned on when required, The pump is not highly visible as it sits well below the generator area. Thanks to Greg and Christine Stevens for telling me about the pump and Davies Craig for all the help and answering all my questions.

Additional pump photographs are available here

Additional photographs of the pump installed in the Seven are also available here

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