1929 Austin Seven Roadster "Grandma" - owner Bryant Lawson

1929 Austin Seven Roadster - Engine Number 102522

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Owner Bryant Lawson

(Bryant also owns a lovely Lonzar Meteor featured in the history section at this site)

Bryant purchased this Seven in 1960 from the original owner Lyall Taylor of Ardrossan, South Australia. The car still in original condition mechanically with its original crankshaft and bearings after 200,000 miles. The hood and upholstery were replaced in 1975.

Prior to retiring to Far North Queensland, the Lawsons used the Seven on runs from Adelaide, South Australia. Some of these include:

Numerous trips to rallies in Victoria, including annual Border Run Rallies with the Victorian Austin Seven Club

The Wangaratta "Bushranger Rally October, 1979

The Tasmanian Silver Hub Rally, 1981

A trip to New Zealand, touring both Islands

After the Queensland move, trips have included:

An around Australia trip covering 35,000 kms in 1991/1992 (see The Austin Seven Clubs’ Association Magazine – Number 1993D - page 16)

The Austin Seven 70th Anniversary Rally in Canberra, 1992

The Townsville Hub Rally, Easter 1993

The North Queensland "Back of Beyond Rally", September, 1993

A trip to Nhulumbuy (Gove) in the Northern Territories, June, 1995 (see The Austin Seven Clubs’ Association Magazine – Number 1996A - page 29)

The "Austins Over Australia" Rally in Toowoomba Queensland, Easter, 1997

The Austin Seven 75th Anniversary Rally, Maroochydore, Queensland, Easter, 1997.

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