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Welcome to the Austin Seven Motoring pages providing information to all interested in the Austin Seven motor car (year models 1922 to 1939). We are interested in contributions from all Austin Seven enthusiasts.

I would like to thank the late John Heuzenroeder for supplying me with a never ending list of reference material. Thanks also to Ron Burchett of the Austin Seven Club, South Australia.

I would also like to acknowledge the main sources of my information. I hope the original authors do not complain about using some of their material as these pages are solely aimed at increasing the knowledge and awareness of the Austin Seven and NOT for commercial gain.

The Austin Seven Companion, published by The 750 Motor Club Ltd.

The Original Austin Seven, by Rinsey Mills

The Austin Seven Source Book, by Bryan Purves

The Austin Seven, by R.J.Wyatt

The Longbridge-Produced Austin Seven Bodies 1922-1939, published by the Austin Seven Clubs Association 1985 (wall chart format).

Other references as per the book list published within these pages.

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