Austin Seven Picture Gallery

Please note that the 'History' section contains photos and descriptions of most Longbridge produced Sevens. This section also contains photographs (along with a brief description) of many interesting Sevens current in use today. With a special interest in models built in Australia.


Austin 'Comet' Sports 65 (Australian bodied sports -1934) - owner Bruce White

The original Austin Seven 'Comet' - as it was in 1934!

Duck Racer - Winton (Australia) 2002 - owner Grant Cowie

Duck Racer - Under restoration in Australia

Super Accessories Special - owner John Rooney

Super Accessories Special - owner Ralph Jones

Super Accessories Advertisement -  thanks to Bryan Norfolk

Speedex - owner John Rooney

Speedex Advertisement  - thanks to Bryan Norfolk

Austin Seven 1932 RN Model - owner Arthur Addyman

Meteor - 1928 Model - Melbourne Bodied - courtesy of the Austin Seven Club in Melbourne Australia

Replica Works OHC Single Seater - owner Sean Smedley

Austin Seven Ruby 1936 - JP1984 - owner Jennifer Nicolson - History Needed

Austin Seven Works Single Seater - photographs thanks to Sean Smedley

Austin Seven Works Single Seater - OHC - photographs thanks to Sean Smedley

Austin Seven Moth - (Australian Bodied Sports Model) - Information Needed

Austin Seven Special - owner Melvin Thong (Singapore)

Austin Seven WILLIT Special - (Melvin Thong's Special in the UK)

Ruby (Australian bodied Ruby - 1937) - owners Sandra and Ken Hislop

Austin Seven Special - owner Cristine Ferrucci Jones

James Flood 'Meteor' - owner David Grear

1928 Chummy - owner Ian Jones

1926 Roadster and 1931 Chummy (both Australian bodied)- owner John Heuzenroeder

1929 Chummy - owner Ron Burchett

1929 Austin Seven Roadster "Grandma" - owner Bryant Lawson

1929 'Wasp' - Australian bodied - by a former Wasp owner - Tim Braby

The Austin Seven Ace - comments by Bill Sheehan

1926 Type 'R' Saloon

1927 Type 'R' Saloon - Fabric bodied saloon

1933 Type 'PD' Two Seater

1934 Pearl Cabriolet

1934 Type 'ARQ' - Ruby

Meteor - Lonzar' - Australian bodied

Meteor - Richardson' - Australian bodied

Larke Hoskin Ad - 1920's

Austin Distributors Ad - 1928  - courtesy of Ross Wellington

1929 Chummy Pedal Car - owner Sam Hayward

Vintage Pedal Car - thanks to Simon Williams

Vintage Pedal Car - J40

Vintage Pedal Car - Pathfinder

Vintage Pedal Car - Ulster

Vintage Pedal Car - Chummy

Photographs about the book "We and The Baby" by Hector Macquarie - thanks to John Heuzenroeder

Austin Mini Countryman 1965 (with Shorrock Blower) - owner Dudley Tann

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